SVKK Koulutus: Internet Business in Russia: Main Requirements and Risks according to legislation

Aika: 24.9.2019 klo 10.00-13.00
Paikka: SVKK Helsinki (Eteläranta 10) + Etäyhteys

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This event is about legislation of online services and e-commerce in Russia. It gives you an overall picture of regulatory environment and points out the most crucial things companies should be aware in today’s Russia, such as personal data protection law and consumer protection law. Also, some useful guidelines on how to protect one’s (online) intellectual property are discussed.

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9.30 Registration and coffee
10.00 E-commerce: Russian Privacy Rules v. GDPR

  • What to do if Russian law applies to a global website?
  • Drafting Privacy and Cookie Policies for the Russian market
  • Data processing consent v. legitimate interests: how to apply them in Russia?
  • Recent Russian case law on web-analytics (Google Analytics, Yandex Metrica) and data localization requirement (Facebook, Twitter and others)
  • Cloud services, hosting providers and other data processors: mitigating legal risks in Russia
  • Cross-border transfers: documenting data flows between Russia and EU
  • New Russian rules on state privacy supervision, legal risks and practical solutions

Stanislav Rumyantsev, Senior Lawyer, Gorodissky & Partners

11.15 coffee break

11.30 New Anti-Piracy Enforcement Strategies and Practices in Russia

  • Copyright Protection and ISP-Liability
  • Russian Anti-Piracy Law: Specifics and Trends
  • Recent Case Law and Court Practice
  • Anti-Piracy Online Solutions
  • Protection from counterfeit and intellectual property violations

Sergey Medvedev, Partner, Gorodissky & Partners

13.00 Event ends

Viimeinen ilmoittautumispäivä on 17.9.2019.

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